Where ever you go, there you are

I do a lot of things in life: pro bono database + website manager and communications leader with a group of amazing women through Mothers Out Front.  We are building a grassroots movement of mothers who will use our collective power for legislative action on climate change.

I freelance as a web developer and content manager.

I am an avid knitter.  Knitting for me is productive fidgeting.  If  I wasn’t knitting, I’d be fidgeting and that’s a waste of time. I often write knitting patterns, mostly out of necessity: I like to knit things in one piece – think Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Suprise Baby Jacket or the contiguous method – wham and you have a sweater, but unfortunately, most patterns are written in pieces, which requires a lot of sewing work.  If I wanted to sew, I would get the sewing machine out, which by the way, I also really like to do, just not with knitted objects.

I love to cook and bake, especially food that my family likes to eat. I will post recipes for foods that I love or create on this blog.

I love to write, although as you can see from the sparsity of this blog,  this hobby does not get much allotted time.