I do a lot of knitting.  I love to knit because it’s both relaxing and productive.  I can often finish 4 adult sweaters, 2-3 children’s sweaters, a blanket or two, countless hats, scarves and mittens in a year’s time.  Recently, I’ve started knitting coats, which are basically oversized sweaters in a thicker wool.

I love knitting so much that over the years, I’ve been putting my engineering brain to work on creating patterns for the things I want to knit.  I write about my adventures in knitting on my blog The Knitting Arts.  I also publish patterns in my store on Ravelry.

I created patterns that have as little sewing as is structurally possible.  I was really excited when a friend sent me a sweater made with the contiguous method.  Now I can make sweaters from the top down, with set in sleeves, but no sewing at the end.