Website developer, marketer, outreach manager

At Brown Couch Consulting, I worked as a marketing professional, website developer and designer supporting small business owners and non-profit organizations in buildling their brand, online presence and success strategy. A few samples of my website projects are shown below. The projects are as different as the people behind them: some required a content writer and a photographer, others relied only on my graphic design and website development skills.

Most of my website development clients own their own company and have a staff of 1 to 5 additional team members.  I created websites that are easy to manage, simple and effective in communicating the company’s message.  I used to work with WordPress almost exclusively, until Dreamhost  developed a Bootstrap-driven Remixer website building tool which is easier to use for development and requires less maintenance costs to my clients, so I’ve started buildling almost exclusively in Remixer.

Graphics and design

In 2019, I took the Visualizing Information course through the Tufts School of the Museum of Fine Arts. During the course, I worked on four projects taking data sets or language and re-imagining them as graphics. Here are my projects:

Visual representation of a text phrase. Can you guess the phrase?
Visual representation of a text phrase. Can you guess the phrase?
Governor Charlie Baker's ties to the companies or individuals who donated money to his inaugural committee.
A graphical representation of $25,000 donations given to the Baker Polito inaugural committee by companies or individuals

Lead organizer – Green House Fest

Looking for a way to increase peer learning and decrease emissions in Brookline, I created, developed and marketed Green House Fest – a showcase of homes around Brookline that have solar panels, heat pumps, electric cars, induction stoves and other interesting clean energy features.  A hundred people attended the first installment in 2018 and almost two hundred attended the second in 2019.

Marketer, digital outreach and print

During the last five years with Mothers Out Front, I created marketing materials for different arms of the organization – fundraising to support our work, marketing local clean electricity signups, and statewide advocacy in the form of a postcard design for children to send to their elected official asking them to protect their future by raising the Renewable Portfolio Standard.

The postcard I created, shown above, was used as a call to action by the national organization at the fundraising luncheon for 350 attendees.

Community Outreach Manager at Green Energy Consumers Alliance

In 2020, I joined the staff at Green Energy Consumers Alliance working on Green Municipal Aggregation, a mechanism by which a community can change the source of their electricity, achieve price stability, and add renewable energy. In February 2020, I led the publication of the 2nd revision of a report on electricity aggregation, contributing in both content and graphics development. To deliver the report to a wider audience, I developed and presented webinars on the program, which can be found on the Green Energy Consumers’ YouTube channel.

In addition to outreach work on aggregation, I also created a webinar on purchasing clean electricity called “How to buy clean electricity” which takes participants through the finer points of clean electricity sales. Given the confusion in the state about competitive suppliers, state requirements and aggregation options, this webinar was essential to create and deliver at this time.