Frozen again

No doubt every parent is looking forward to another version of the Disney animated movie Frozen, with yet another really catchy song that we will all be singing (and moaning about) for years to come.  What will the new movie be about?  Disney only knows. And maybe a few snoops.

Here is my take on what it SHOULD be about.  Fair disclaimer here: I know exactly nothing about the new movie, nor have I read any leaks about the plot if there are any.  This is my imagination only.

Here goes.

Elsa and Anna live happily in Arendelle, with Elsa trying to teach Anna some things about running a kingdom in case Elsa has to go away for a little while.  Anna completely ignores her as she is more interested in starting a shelter for orphaned reindeer.

Grand Pabbie appears in Elsa’s dream and tells her “It’s time.”  She knows just what to do. The Trolls take her through the mountains to a hidden far away place which is a training camp for people with amazing abilities.  There are lots of people there – some young, some old – and the trolls run the whole thing, trying to teach everyone how to control and use their power.

Elsa meets a young man, let’s call him Gustav.  He has wind power.  He can move air and objects and they play with their powers together.  It’s a lot of fun to be at camp!

Elsa returns to find that Anna hasn’t been keeping up with kingdom related duties – after all, all that is kind of boring.  Elsa gives Anna a lecture about supporting each other and working together.

Some months go by.  No word from Gustav.  🙁

Elsa gets word that the Norse king, Farmadan, is attacking Arendelle from the north in an effort to gain passage to the Fjords.  Else and Anna, along with lots of ministers, try to figure out what to do, after which Elsa decides that she will go and battle the king’s army herself.

She arrives at the battle field, knowing really nothing about warfare, builds an army out of fierce looking Marshmallows and attacks the next day.  Her efforts are in vain, though, as a strong and powerful wind blows apart her creations as fast as she can make them.  She spends the day battling the king and his army and the magical wind force.

By night time, everything settles, she is exhausted and seriously regretting not taking anyone with her – or say, an army.  Sure enough, just in time to save her sister, Anna arrives with, ahem, Christophe and, well, an army.  Of course, Sven and Olaf come, too.

They send Olaf on a reconnaissance mission but all he finds is a guy blowing wind while walking around in the forest.   Elsa immediately recognizes Gustav, and her heart is broken as she realizes that he is the nephew of the fierce Norse king who’s been fighting her all day.

Anna and Christoph concoct a plan to have a frozen replica of Elsa appear to Gustav to see if she can trick him into coming to their camp so that the real Elsa can talk him out of helping the evil uncle.  The plan works, and Gustav is horrified to learn that he’s been helping fight his beloved.  Love is in the air and everyone goes home happy, except Gustav who goes to Arendell to be the ambassador for his uncle, and, ahem, kiss Elsa.